Saturday, August 27, 2016

Your Keyboard....Your connection to G O D

Take a look at your keyboard.  Each letter of the English Alphabet A to Z is set on little blocks that can move. Your mind and body can move them.

Even kids used to learn words by literally moving little wooden blocks with letters on them, and maybe still do.

Not much has changed over the years.

The human mind is both secular AND Spiritual.

When the mind and body move letters with no connection to G O D, the mind is moving in a secular fashion, and there is no corresponding movement of the Living God within itself.

When the mind and body move letters with A connection to G O D, the mind is moving in a Spiritual fashion, and there is a corresponding movement of the Living God within itself.

When Moses was writing the Commandments, he was moving symbols connected to our Living Moving G O D, and he was in Spirit as he wrote.  The same was with John in the Book of Revelation.

No matter if the mind is moving letters in Spirit or secular....once they are set down, there is no movement of the letters, and no movement of the Living  G O D.

Jesus, the Word made flesh, directly connected to G O D, the Son of the Living Moving G O D, when He Spoke, He was moving Spiritual words all the time, totally connected to the G O D within Himself.

Some of those that heard his Words, believed His Words, but were not in Spirit as Jesus was.

To be in Spirit, the blocked in mind must re-connect its own A to Z letter symbols, within to the Spirit of G OD within itself, and begin to move them as connected.

Reading the words here provide no Spiritual movement.

But by going in and opening your own block words and moving your letters as belonging to G O D, which is Moving Light, the mind, that is the guidance system of the soul, begins to move in that Light.

By allowing the mind to revert, or go back as a small child, can work with words in a new Way.

G O D's Way.

Here a a couple of examples of letter movements within.... (  ) are symbols that separate letters or words apart, and here they are used like the horns of the alter where letters pass thru from secular,  or no connection, to Spiritual with the connection.

The word SIN is a block word. You are not allowed to change this word according to the "Law of Webster."

Just as David and his men broke the Law and went in and ate the showbread...Mathew 12:4..We will break the Law of Webster and go in and (O)pen this word SIN.


Without G O D the word is SIN, and with G O D, the mind can be in Spirit, and find signs along the Way WITHIN the mind's own BLOCKED words.

Supposedly meditation, is a good way to empty out the mind and connect with G O D.

My question is this, Jesus said one must become as a little child...Has anyone ever seen a little child sit still and meditate?

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