Friday, August 19, 2016

The Bible The Parent Thesis and the Law of One

Jesus was often called Master. In today's world, in order to receive a Master's Degree, the student must write a thesis.

The Bible could very well be called a Parent thesis..that was written by many minds who were in Spirit..His Father, G O D, and His Mother Mary, a virgin,  In the Law of One, two or more may be as one yet also be two or more.

One of the commandments is honor our mother and father..The Bible thesis certainly does that.

If the mind is in Spirit mode, the letters are not bound and may move freely.

In the word Parent thesis, the last and first letters these words can easily be combined into one.

Which would make the movement of the word into the word Parenthesis.

The symbol for this word is (  ) which are the tools the mind can use to go within the heretofore blocked words that it has learned.

Consider the letter t, which is very much like a cross, and where it is located in this word.

Paren  (t) hesis

Now look what is on each side of the cross. There is Pa and the high Priest Aren waiting on one side, and he and sis on the other side. His sister Ruth was a witness to his crucifixion.

Just before Jesus was captured, his Disciples gave him two swords,  and Jesus said unto them "It is enough. Luke 22.28

(  ) could easily represent two swords to the WORD made flesh.

These symbols may be called tools of the trade, and the acronym for these tools just happens to  be TOT which is very much like a little child that one must become in order to enter within.

Many have said that G O D is dead..The dead do not move. when the mind re-connects to the Spirit within, G  O D does move because the mind can move the Letters has they are now in a connection with the mind that can easily move the letters as His.

When the mind moves letters as his, and as new words are formed in the mind, they are Spiritual.

When the mind begins to write them down into blocks of words they become not Spiritual, but secular and lose their ability to move.

This is exactly what happened to Moses when he wrote down the ten comments by etching them into stone. As he was writing the words moved with the Spirit of God. When they written down, they became secular words that had no movement as they were etched or blocked into stone.

The blocked, un-moving letters and words were then placed in an ark by those thinking  the still words and letters could still be moved by the Covenant of the ark,,, nice try but no cigars for that idea.

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