Friday, August 19, 2016

Adam severed the connection To G O D that was within himself..The Original Sin

When Adam was conversing with G O D, where was G O D? Was G O D in the sky, in a tree, in a cloud? No, G O D was within Adam. Just as G O D , our Father, was in Jesus.

When Adam began to converse outside of himself....he severed the connection to G O D that was within himself. That is the Original Sin.......

From Adam on.....everyone born was born without this connection within, and hence was born in sin... and that sin was not born being connected within to G O D.

Jesus appeared to show how G O D forgave this Original Sin of the human mind.

Jesus was the first to show that the human mind could re-connect to G O D within themselves.

Most everyone believes that the Kingdom of Heaven is somewhere up in the sky...It is not.  The born mind must go within is own created body and brain to find and connect with G O D.

"Seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you". Matthew 7:7

So where does the born mind go seek?  Within itself.  What does the born mind knock on?

It knocks on its own words!  What happens when the mind does this? It opens its own heretofore blocked words that heretofore have blocked the mind within itself.

Allow the mind to knock and open the word......OPEN

This is what the mind can find.........(O)PEN..... Maybe G O D's  PEN?

The born again mind literally re-connects to  G O D within itself.

Again, in essence, the process is so simple that it is easily overlooked by minds that have used thousands and thousand of blocked words to explain how to connect to G O D.

It is our words that must be converted, and our minds become as little children in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven which is within each of us.

Here are the two tools that you can use to knock and open your own words (  )

To go Webster Dictionary to find out what these tools are.....There is a lot more to these tools then as described by Webster.

Is it not a little ironic that the first three letters of Webster are WEB.  Learning blocked words is like spinning a web, or further blocking the mind within itself.

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