Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Computer Keyboard and the Movement of Blocks of Letters

Just look at the keyboard. The letters are literally on little blocks and the mind can move them!

Can you see any connection to the Spirit of G O D on those little blocks as the mind moves them?

Absolutely no connection!

As the Bible was written, the Spirit of G O D was also moving as the minds of the many writers were in Spirit and connected. Once the words were set as in stone. the movement of the Spirit of G O D also ceased to move.

Now, when the mind reads the Bible, it is looking at Spiritually written words that have no movement.

That is exactly why the Spirit of G O D told John, as he was writing the Book of Revelation, that the moving Spirit of G OD was literally the letters John was moving.

Again, John was on the Greek Island of Patmos, and as he was writing, The Spirit of G O D told  John four times...I am those letters you are moving..."I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending" Rev 1:8.

In the beginning, The Spirit of G O D was the Spiritual letters connected to Adam and were were as one.

Between the beginning and ending is when the human mind moved its letters as not connected to the Spirit of G O D, and moved them as its own.

In the end, every mind, which is the guidance system for the soul, will eventually return to be as one with the Spirit of G O D... That is what John's real revelation was all about.

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