Friday, August 19, 2016

Peek a Boo and Hide and Seek Instincts

Has anyone ever played peek a boo with little children? The love it and usually get big smiles on their faces.....Children also love to play hide and seek....Do they have inborn instincts to play this game?   I think they do... so try it and see for yourself.

Because every human being has been given free will. G O D will not seek out an individual mind. It is the mind that must seek and find the Force that created its own body and soul called G O D.

This Force called G O D is literally hidden within the human being called Self, and Self must go within Self to seek and find  G O D and make the connection...When that happens the mind, which is the guidance system and forever companion of the soul becomes once again connected to its Maker.

So how does Self go within Self? It is really very easy! The clue is in John 1:1 " In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was G O D".

In essence, the Word God was directly attached to the invisible Force God.

Following that pattern, what is the word often connected to a human being?

SELF is often the word that is connected to the living force called SELF.

So the mind can open the word and go within SELF like this (S)ELF and SELF becomes a (S)piritual little one.

What the mind is really doing is taking the entire loaf of letters it has learned to use as its own and go within its own mind and return them to G O D and then begin move them as if they belong to the Force called G O D which they are as the three measures of meal that will raise the whole loaf and that in turn raises the mind as they are all connected.

In essence the human mind is secular when it moves its loaf of letters as its own, and Spiritual when it begins to move it is own letters as if they belong to G O D which they really do belong to G O D.

In the Book of Revelation, The Spiritual Force told John 4 times that the letters John was moving were connected to the Spiritual Force.  John said he was In Spirit when he moved those letters into words.

In John's book, the real Revelation to any mind is that the symbols that any mind learns to move are first secular so that the mind and its companion soul will first learn self consciousness. Then if it makes the Revelation that its symbols can be connected to the G O D force within, the mind can become Spiritual.

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