Sunday, August 21, 2016

Noah Webster and the Self Conscious Mind

Noah Webster, unwittingly, helped G O D to create the mind that first blocks itself in itself in order to be become Self Conscious.

Every human being that enters the earth plane has to go through the same process that Adam had to go through...

Adam committed the original sin by disconnecting his mind from G O D and started to communicate with Eve.

He suddenly realized he was naked, and Spiritually naked, and his mind no longer connected, as one, with the Spirit of G O D.

Everyone born after Adam, are born into sin, away from G O D, and that is why the mind must be born again by re-connecting to G O D.

This process of Adam disconnecting himself from G O D was not Adams fault, but part of G O D's plan  for the human race to first know itself to be itself, and then re-connect to G O D, not as G O D, but has a son of GOD.

That is the lesson Jesus, the Word made flesh, brought into this World.

The alphabet used today by the English speaking mind has no direct direction to the Spirit of G O D.

The alphabet is designed to build a Self Conscious mind.

In this building process, each letter is like being on a little block that moves into bigger blocks called words. The words eventually block the mind into itself to become Self Conscious. It has literally block itself from re-connecting to the Spirit of G O D.

Noah Webster helped make this process work.

Allow the mind to open and look within the  blocked name NOAH WEBSTER.

NO(AH)..... The name indicates no AH as what was given to Abram to become Abr(AH)am.

(WEB)STER.... The name indicates that a Web was spun to block the mind into Self Consciousness.

Well done with your book Mr. Webster. Now along comes the Bible, to show the mind how it can break out of this self imposed web, and be born again by moving those same letter symbols as if they are connected to the Spirit of G O D.

The human mind moves its block letters into thousands of blocked words in the created brain probable at the speed of light, and most likely are the lights that the human mind cannot even see.

Jesus, the Spiritual Word made flesh, according to John the Baptist, was that light that "shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not"... John 1:8

That darkness is the born mind that has blocked itself in itself, and cannot see the light.

In essence, the Way to see the light is to move your letter blocks as if, and they do, belong to G OD, and (O)pen the blocked words of your mind like this.... M(IN)D, you will begin to see the Light, and are becoming re-born into Light and connected to the Spirit of  G O D.

It is essential to know that it is the movement of the connected letters that creates the light that the mind can see because the, now, connected Spirit of G O D moves as well within the mind.

As Moses was writing the ten commandments, the Spirit of G O D was also moving. As soon as the letter symbols were set down, they became as etched in stone without movement. So what did the people do? They knew something was moving in Moses to create those words etched stone. So they just packed up those blocked words in the Ark and moved the Ark along with them... Close but no cigars for that effort!

Here is a blocked word we all know....WORLD

(O)pen this word and move the letters just a little bit like this....WOR(L)D

When the mind opes this word it finds the first root letter the Lord who was in this world and the remainder of the (O)pened word is WORD.

Is this just a coincident? No, it is rather a (CO)INCIDENT  within the mind and body to the Spirit of G O D.

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