Sunday, August 14, 2016

How and Why it is the Mind that must be Born Again

As the born mind of a child develops, it literally, and unknownly, builds a caccoon around itself with the 26 letters it is given. This condition was designed by G O D so that the cacconed mind, with its free will would then be in the position to be Born Again as a Son of G O D.

Allow the born mind to consider this. The letters that the mind is given is totally void of any connection to the Spirit of G O D. The mind learned to associate its letters with things like D is for Dog, F is for Flower, and so on.

The mind, ironically, is given these letters on little blocks to move around and form words.
The words, then formed, are themselves become blocked and as more and more blocks are formed, the mind becomes blocked within itself like a Self made caccoon.

The Word made flesh, Jesus, said that one must be reborn as like a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Here is how it is really done Nicodemus! 

The mind can break out of its cacconed blocked in Self  by beginning to move its heretofore block letters as if the were attached to the Spirit of G O D.

When that begins to happen the mind moves out of its blocked in Self and begins to move with the Spirit of G O D and will begin begin to see signs along the way in its formally blocked in words that had encased the mind.

Here is just a few examples

Self can become (S)elf  The word Self attached to Self just becomes unblocked and the mind can see a Spiritual little one....elf

When the born again mind begins to move its letters as attached to G O D, the mind can even look with the now unblocked word mind to see what direction to go.

Open the blocked word.... M(IN)D The direction is within and the doctor or healer is within also!

Remember Jesus, the Word made flesh, said.... "Seek and ye shall find"

Open the heretofore blocked word CHI(L)D

There is the first Spiritual Letter attached to the Lord not only hidden within the word CHILD, and even further hidden within the word HID.

This whole process of opening the mind to the Spirit of  G O D can be found at a little hidden away website named

There you to can further learn how to (O)pen your mind and enter within, and return within, to the Spirit of G O D.

Remember, in the Book of Revelation, the Spirit of G O D told John 4 times that the Spirit was the letters John was moving......"I am Alpha and Omega"

Most assuredly, John was writing in Greek as he was at the time on the Greek Island of Patmos.

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