Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The most common block word in the English Language

This word is.................the

It is just one of thousands of block words that the human mind has used to cause the mind to block itself in itself....It is a good thing because G O D had to allow the mind to first know itself to be a Self and not G O D.

This is the original sin.....to allow the mind to separate itself with free will and be away from G O D.

Every since Adam and Eve, the human mind often struggles to find its way back to G O D, but runs into stumbling blocks along the way.

There are thousands of books containing millions of block words that suggest you go here and there to return to G O D.

There is one book, the Bible, that actually shows the mind how to do it in so many blocked words....But again, even these Spiritual written words are blocked once they are set down.

Jesus, the Word made flesh, moving and speaking Spiritually described how the mind, as the guidance system for the soul, may return home to be with its Maker, G O D.

One must be converted and become as a little child in order to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven.

Many adult persons including Nicodemus did not get it because.....because they had spent years blocking their minds by absorbing Spiritually blocked words.

That is why Jesus, who spoke Spiritually from within, spoke in parables so that the blocked in minds would have some idea of what he was saying, as the masses understood only blocked words.

The Conversion and the Little Child

This is so simple to do.  It is the mind that can move letter symbols, and just needs to go in to its own blocked words and move the letters as if they belong to G O D.

Again, here is the most common blocked word in the English Language...the

Here is how to move the letters,.... (t)he.... As the mind is moving the letters as if they belong to G O D, they are moving and are Spiritual, and once they are set like this... (t)he..., they often show signs along the Way of the mind returning to our Creator, G O D.

(t)he  He was one with the cross

That is a very good sign that the mind is beginning to move in the right WAY.

(O)pening the most common blocked word  is not a coincident...It is a (co)incident with the Spirit of

(  )  This is a very important tool used by the born again child like mind that the Spirit of G O D will recognize...This symbol is the Tool of the Trade....TOT......that will help the mind to successfully unblock itself, and begin to move with the Spirit of G O D that is within the human created body.

This (  ) also shows movement and can be expanded to show movement or vibration like this..... .(((  )))

More info on (  )  may be found at arkroc.com

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